MultiDropDownSelect, Buffer, Intersect, Touch or GeoFile
SelectionTypeSelect, Add or Remove from selection
BufferDistanceSets the buffer distance
RefreshRefreshes the map
ClearClear the map of selections
QuickPDFCreates a quick PDF
QuickJPGCreates a quick JPG
PrintMapCustomized map/result printing
ExtractExtract data from the map
DrawPointDraws a point at a users map click
DrawPolylineDraws a polyline by series of map clicks
DrawPolygonDraws a polygon by series of map clicks
TextToolCreate Text in the map
MultiToolByPointMulti-Tool for layer interaction by point
MultiToolByPolylineMulti-Tool for layer interaction by polyline
MultiToolByRectangleMulti-Tool for layer interaction by rectangle
MultiToolByPolygonMulti-Tool for layer interaction by polygon
DistanceCalculate the total distance of a user drawn polyline
PictometryOpens Pictometry viewer
StreetViewOpens Google Streetview
ZoomInZooms in by a user drawn rectangle
ZoomOutZooms out by a user drawn rectangle
PanPans the map
FullExtentZooms to the full extent of the map
BackwardGo to the previous extent
ForwardGo to the next extent
ScaleZoom to various map scales
ZoomToFeatureZooms to features
ReportCreates a user report
ExportSelectionExports the selection to excel
PhotoExistsIndicates if an image exist
BrowseBrowse to more documents
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